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Photo of Allegra Wakest  Helping You Navigate Difficult Transitions

for a Healthy & Joyful Life.




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Hi, I’m Allegra Wakest Lamb, welcome to The Sacred Phoenix Grove – place to find healing through intuitive counsel, writing, and original music.  I’m so glad you’re here!  It’s my privilege to help you navigate your difficult transitions to experience a healthier & more joyful life.



How would you like to feel more… 

  • love and connection in your relationships? 
  • courage in making a career change? 
  • fearless in making an important life change?


If the answer is yes to any of those statements, then you have definitely come to the right place.




I have 20 years of experience relating to health and natural healing, difficult relationships, trauma, as well as loss and grief.

I am here for you.

How would you like to wake up in the morning, feeling whole and full of energy, totally excited to have another day to live your beautiful, purpose-filled life?  I’m here to tell you that it’s not only possible, it’s your birthright.  Basically, if I can learn to do this, so can you!

When selecting a practitioner, we need to be certain that she is able to hold whatever comes up for us, be it buried trauma, hidden belief systems, or contorting shame. Allegra knows all of these places and is both willing and supremely able to act as responsible guide. She is protector and encourager, creating safety and patiently offering opportunities. The level of respect she has for the work and the worker is unsurpassed. She can be trusted. Implicitly. She is your wisest friend who will link arms with you and walk beside you on the path you have chosen. She is courageous lioness and gentle deer. If you want a capable guide, you have found her.”

Prudence Tippins

Eugene, Oregon, USA

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In the meantime, scroll down a bit and have a listen (& a free download) to my newest song.  (There are videos to watch at the bottom of the page too! 🙂

“Allegra is a beautiful soul who is willing and able to go to the deepest dark places bringing the much-needed light with love and grace. Her words of wisdom and encouragement are a soothing balm. The honor is mine to know her and be apart of a shared circle of women.

Lyn Britton

Wisconsin, USA


Every person on earth deserves to feel loved and live a life filled with purpose and connection.  I believe that we are born perfect and that healing is the process of uncovering the layers of “world stuff” that we accumulate over time.  My mission is to help you navigate your way back to wholeness and joy.


In 1995 I started my own journey of healing after a family tragedy changed the course of my life.  I dreamt of a place where I could go to grieve and heal, a kind of “grief rehab” where I could be returned to a feeling of wholeness.  My vision is to bring all the healing modalities I have learned about to a healing retreat and healing arts center called The Sacred Phoenix Grove.  And one day this garden sanctuary will be a temporary home for all who need to heal and recover from loss.  Until then we can meet in person or online.  🙂

Interested in collaborating on the Sacred Phoenix Grove?   Want to help manifest this beautiful sanctuary?

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“Allegra has been an integral part of my life, we have shared together in a “sisterhood circle” for over 10years. Allegra has supported and lifted me through many hard life journeys. Her wise intuition, radical honesty, passionate spirit, and caring soul is an everlasting gift I cherish.

Mary Gundlach

Wisconsin, USA

“I have known Allegra for over 10 years. In that time I have come to appreciate her resiliency, strength, and courage. Allegra is a creative spirit who is not afraid to take on new challenges. She has the ability to share her own life experiences with others to offer guidance and support. She is an empathic listener and offers her learned wisdom generously. She will make a wonderful mentor, teacher, and facilitator of groups and individuals looking to work on self-growth.


Licensed Acupuncturist

“I’ve known Allegra Wakest for over 14 years through the “Shamanic Sisterhood,” a spiritually-oriented women ‘s support group.  It has been a joy to witness her life’s changes over that time.  She gifts us with her caring listening and appropriate helpful responses to whatever we wish to express. Allegra is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and is able to tap into empathy by remembering her own hard-won spiritual growth from working with the grief process and Issues of self-esteem. Her music expresses her deep feelings; she connects spiritually while remaining firmly grounded.   I have learned a lot from her and would recommend her to others searching on their life’s journey.

Susan Demmer Gesslein

Retired Marketing/Fundraising Professional

“I have the pleasure and great fortune to know and love Allegra, as we’ve been dear friends for over 15 years. Together, we open to our soul’s calling through a shared facilitation of our small group Sisterhood every month. Allegra has honed her skills of deep listening, honest reflection, and gentle prompting. I feel honored to be witnessed by her as she encourages me to acknowledge my own wisdom. I highly recommend Allegra for all that find themselves on a journey of personal growth.

Jenelle Boyer

Occupational Therapist