The Sacred Phoenix Grove

Help a woman heal her spirit and she’ll heal her life;

                                            help a woman heal her life and she’ll heal the world.




Are you like I was, a woman searching for the missing link

to feeling


DO you YEARN to:

reach your full potential


realize your deepest mission in life


truly love yourself


it’s always…



your reach?…

I get it.  But, guess what? There’s good news!

There’s nothing wrong with you.





I was once where you are now.  There was a time when I truly hated my life and the only thing that brought me any amount of relief was planning my death.  (But, that’s another tale for another time.)  So, I’m here to tell you that if I can be healedso can you.

Sister, if you are ready for deep and lasting change, I am here, ready to help you get there. In fact, I’ve discovered it’s my mission in life! laughing
And if you are ready to do the work with me, one day you too will know this without a doubt. (And the choir sings…)  Now go ahead and give yourself a hug and say “I love you!”  No, really, I’m serious, it feels amazing.
Hi, I’m Allegra Wakest. Welcome to the Sacred Phoenix Grove. I’m so glad you’re here! You’ve found THE place for women to heal with original sacred musicintuitive counsel, and sacred sisterhood initiation through the Sacred Phoenix Circle.

The first thing you need to do is listen to my latest song! It’s all about how you are god.  Yes, you!

And, what’s even better is that you can download it now for free. Just scroll down and you’ll see it.

Hope you love the song as much as I loved making it!

Talk to you soon. xoxoxo ~Allegra

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Every single woman in need of healing who walks through my virtual door walks out that same door transformed. And if that door disappears, we will build a new one together.

When selecting a practitioner, we need to be certain that she is able to hold whatever comes up for us, be it buried trauma, hidden belief systems, or contorting shame. Allegra knows all of these places and is both willing and supremely able to act as responsible guide. She is protector and encourager, creating safety and patiently offering opportunities. The level of respect she has for the work and the worker is unsurpassed. She can be trusted. Implicitly. She is your wisest friend who will link arms with you and walk beside you on the path you have chosen. She is courageous lioness and gentle deer. If you want a capable guide, you have found her. Prudence Tippins

Eugene, Oregon



When my son Yogi “crossed over” in 1995, I looked around for a place to heal and found nothing. Out of this came a promised myself that one day I would create a healing sanctuary for other women to heal from trauma and grief. I didn’t want any other woman to have to go through that kind of pain alone. The Sacred Phoenix Grove is that place. First it was a deep pain transformed into a wish of healing for others. Now a virtual space, and every day it’s becoming more tangible. Every tree grows from a single seed…

The Sacred Phoenix Grove will live on multiple acres of flora, fauna, with lots of water! In addition to a recording studio, there will be dozens of fountains of all sizes and shapes, statues of every God and Goddess you can think of, pools, meditation platforms, yoga, massage, acupuncture, NSA/SRI. I will be offering in-person Family Constellation work and intuitive counsel, and the Sacred Phoenix Circles. There will be pools for Watsu, flotation, a medicinal herb garden, labyrinth, and 3 dogs. laughing

Yogi’s Grotto, Newton Valley, WI, Est. 1998

In the center stands a grotto, the heart of the sanctuary, where all healing ceremonies take place. And tucked between rocks and stones, thousands of photos and prayers of women from all over the world. Can you see it? Do you want to be a part of this manifestation? Contact me and let’s talk, sister!