~A Life of Music And Healing~







I’m deeply devoted and honored to be of service to those who’ve also experienced trauma and loss, and specialize in these areas.

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A Robbins-Madanes trained Life Coach, I also trained with Mark Wolynn as facilitator of CLA (the Core Language Approach), and use this within my family constellations work.

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Recording original music has been a great joy for me, as well as being deeply healing.  Want to hear it?  Click here.

And then of course there’s my dog…You’ll  see a lot of him on the Instagram Page.  (Keep scrolling to get a preview.)

The gift that came out of a tornado, 2 floods, a hurricane, and lava flow was a deep respect for the stress, grief and PTSD that many of my clients deal with every day.

You’re not alone!

You’ll get no judgement from me, I know what it’s like to feel stuck!  I spent 20 years searching for meaning after the loss of two children and and remaining childless.

Frankly, I’m not sure I found meaning, but in the process of healing, I did find joy, peace, and contentment.  And it is my mission to help you feel this for yourself.  It IS possible…

Why I’m sharing this healing passion with you?

Because I know you can heal

How can I possibly know this?

Because I never thought I could heal…

And yet I did.

You CAN and WILL heal yourself through our collaboration.

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