Every family system has an energetic field and an epigenetic influence that often reveals itself through the words we use, emotions, and reactions. 

Unconscious behavior like addiction, unexplained sadness and impulses that we don’t understand can stem from those family members who came before us.

In our work together I’ll help you free up not only your stuck places, but those of your entire family system, even without their direct involvement.


As a trained facilitator of the CLA® (The Core Language Approach,) I’ll lead you through a  process involving family constellation work that goes beneath the surface of behavior and circumstance. 

Our first session will comprise of a series of questions about your family tree/history, which will serve as a map of your family’s events, especially those of trauma.  With this information, we’ll be able to move forward into the next stage of the healing process.

I’m flexible to use any communication platform, such as Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, etc.  And I can use Sign Language (PSE) if you are Deaf.

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