Come here my sister, show me your tender palms.  Take from me this cloak of blue light.  Wrap your sacred body from crown to toe and breathe in the serenity of this cobalt chamber; a respite from the furious world.  Drop your meteor-like bones into this cool liquid calm.

You, sister dear, have given all and there is nothing left but to soak with us in the spring of unconditional forgiveness.

We who walked barefoot through the lonely desert you are entering designed an oasis to comfort and protect you. The Blue Cloak has contained a lava tornado with the peace of a gliding heron.  When you stand too close to the edge, we will pull you back against our breast to hear your weary heart sigh with relief.

And when you are sleepless, realizing few will ever know what it means to accept the unacceptable, we will cradle you until you arrive safely in the Dreamtime.

There will be a moment when your heart is splintering and you want to kill God with one of the shards. Take comfort in knowing that we too were God killers.  (Apparently, God is pretty tough…)  Soon dear sister, soon, nothing in the world will be able to break you because you will be stronger than anyone you know.  Some stars shine brighter from necessity.  You are a star of hope in the making.

I have a secret to whisper in your ear.  On a Wednesday in June, as the flies drive your Rat Terrier to distraction, you will catch your reflection in some passing window, and find yourself smiling like a dolphin. Yes, a dolphin. And that evening, as you slip into the shimmering balm, your flippers dissolving all heaviness into bubbles and your tears bursting into pearls of delight, you will forget everything.

But for now, just rest. 🙂

I understand that at this moment it may seem impossible that you will ever heal, and you may think me naive or possibly insane to suggest it.  But I vow to you, one day you will be ready to bring this cloak of peace to the next sister whose arms ache with longing.  You will be ready, I solemnly swear, to stitch your name into The Blue Cloak, adding strength for the next one in need.  And as you place it into her trembling hands, you may pause, wondering if you’re strong enough to surrender it.

Finger by finger you will release your grip

until your hands become flippers

on waves that become galaxies.