There is simply less of your life to carry now.  Soon the loss you are feeling will blossom into gratitude.  What you are experiencing now is called a life-clearing.  It is a way for your true self to emerge.  I know change can be frightening, but tell me, do you feel lighter now?  Look, there is a giant orange flower swaying like a beacon in the field.  Go to it.
After you commune with the effortless perfection of this divine being, you see a large hole in the grass.  Drop down into it.  Yes, it’s dark.  Excellent. You’ll “see” more clearly with your ears.  Cold?  Imagine your feet burrowing deeply into a pile of sleeping sheep.  Feeling warm now?  Good.  You are beginning to understand.
Feel your way forward along the damp rough wall to your left until you come to a shelf-like tube.  Yes, it’s small.  You can stay here if you’d like, it’s up to you.  Best not to think about it too much.  Ready?  On the count of three, hoist yourself into it. 
Watch your head on the rock! Tight squeeze, right?  Isn’t it a lovely embrace?  Images of diamonds are dancing over your head, causing you to feel claustrophobic.  You’re thinking you’ve lost control and could be crushed.  Remind your brain that you never had control and breathe until your heart is calm.  (Yes, the weight of the earth could crush your bones, but at least your life will have a fantastic ending with you being “made into a diamond”.)  Anyway, the mountain has existed for millions of years, so the odds are with you.  Now crawl on your belly like an inchworm.  Think inchworm thoughts.  BE the worm!  Good, you’re making progress.  Wait, stop!  Listen past your own heartbeat, off in the distance –  can you hear it?  You know what that means, right?  Yes, water always leads to the outside… 
Once you reach the end of the tunnel, let yourself fall out of it into the waves below.  Yes, it’s a cliff.  You could go back, it’s your choice.  Ready?  Take a deep breath, hold it, now drop!  Down, down, down, surrender to the power of the water.  Allow yourself to surface naturally, trusting the wisdom of the water.  
The dappled sunlight kisses your face as you emerge onto a mossy bank with towering fruit trees.  The sweet air is saturated with enchanting birdsong.  Brilliant rainbow-colored flashes of plumage fill the cloudless sky as majestic giants glide in a spiral around a great waterfall.  Suddenly you are asleep, and when you awake, familiar-looking faces are smiling everywhere.  A white-haired woman with crystal clear eyes whispers something soft and low, speaking directly to your mind.  “Welcome to The Diamond,” she says.  You blink, and when you look again, she is the giant orange blossom, swaying in the field.